Saturday, December 16, 2017

Latent Heats Question & Yahoo Answers

Hi friends!

A while ago I thought to myself, hey, I should start a blog. Looking back, I would've liked it if I had continued to keep a blog going. Document my life, and whatnot. Life is short and I'd like to think that I got the most out of life that I can, and what's the best way to get your value's worth out of something but excessive documentation? Anyhow, for various reasons that didn't happen, mostly procrastination, but hey let's not talk about that now. 

Eh never mind, that's just me rambling. Anyhow, I figured, this might as well become a place for me to talk about things that I want to get into the world, specifically onto Google. Although I do have a domain where I host some projects (, it's nice to have a platform for putting stuff out there where I don't have to manually worry about styling or browser compatibility or SEO or stuff. Then I remembered - I have a blogspot!

To the point. Sorry if you're only here 'cuz you Google'd the question and read the above pointlessness. Physics 213 amirite. So (and yes I'm in college now, yay) I'm studying for my physics final in two days, and there's this problem in a past practice final:

A certain liquid is observed to boil at standard pressure (1.01 × 105 Pa) at a temperature of 42°C. When the pressure is lowered to 0.1 × 105 Pa, it boils at 38°C. What is its latent heat per molecule?

I couldn't for the life of me figure it out for a while. Yahoo Answers didn't exactly help, as even though it's on YA, - they used some formula that we didn't explain in class. Then, after a bit of browsing the lectures, I did figure it out, and it's actually pretty neat. I tried answering the Yahoo Answers thread that was originally posted 7 years ago, to help people in my shoes this year and the next hopefully, to find that it's closed. TIL that Yahoo Answers threads can be closed. I guess it makes sense, they have a literal ton (7+ years worth at least) of open threads, with probably not much moderation. Still though, I'd've liked to have answered it differently, and I even password-reset my old Yahoo account to try. Hence this new post, I guess. 

Anyhow, instead of using the Clausius Clapeyron equation, or whatever, you can use chemical potential as explained in class. The chemical potential of the liquid stays the same when the pressure changes since pressure only affects the gas (ideally), and in equilibrium the chemical potential of the gas should equal to the chemical potential of the liquid. So, the before-and-after chemical potentials of the gas should be the same. Using the formula on the formula sheet, (I'll figure out how to type equations on here later), chemical potential mu_i = kT*ln(ni/nTi) and ni/nTi = P/Pq where Pq is the quantum density pressure. We don't know that, but we can calculate that using the two pressures and two temperatures we have. And, after calculating it, just find mu_i = -delta and that's your answer. 

Hope this helps. If not, feel free to shoot me an email or something. Actually, don't, that would be weird. It's probably some sort of character flaw that I have that I really can't say no when people ask me for help on stuff that I can actually help on. Like, it's made me waste a lot of time. Well, for certain definitions of waste... I mean one could argue that if a lot of one's utility rests on helping others cuz it makes 'em feel good, then it's not at all wasting time. Then again... eh this paragraph is getting too long. Never mind. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh well

I didn't use this blog at all. Oh well. Depreciated before being appreciated. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's been a while...

Since I'm now in high school, I'm thinking of resurrecting this blog. Haven't posted on it in a LONG time!

Here's a tip that I figured out by myself for the iOS game Clash of Clans. 
Lots of people say that in order to reset your game, or to create an alternate account, you need to factory reset your iDevice. I've looked everywhere on the Internet, and everyone says that to reset Clash, you need to factory reset. To make an alternate Clash account, you need to factory reset...

I figured out that the data that Clash stores persisted after it was uninstalled because it was on the Keychain. By renaming the keychain in iFunBox (a free program), I was able to make a new Clash account on a separate Game Center account, and now I can run both simultaneously on one iPhone, switching between the two without need of a computer. Here's how I did it.

NOTE: This requires a jailbreak in order for iFunbox to view the /var folder. 

1. I downloaded iFunbox and installed it. It's free. 
2. I connected my iPhone to iFunbox. 
3. After installing it, click the iFunbox Classic tab on the top left of the window. 
4. Under Connected Devices, there should be your device. Near the bottom, click on Raw File System. 
5. To the right of the document tree, double-click on the folder called "var"
6. Double-click "Keychains"
7. Re-name the "keychain-2.db" to something like "keychain-2.db.backup"
8. Go over to your iPhone and turn it off and on again. Respringing it also works. 
9. Go to the Game Center app, log off of your current Game Center, and create a new one. Remember the password. 
10. Go over to Clash (you don't need to re-install!) and boot up the game. If all goes well, it should go to the tutorial. 
11. Complete the tutorial, and then close and quit Clash from the quickswitch bar
12. Go back to iFunbox and hit Refresh on the top menu bar
13. Delete the new "keychain-2.db"
14. Rename what you named back in step 7 to "keychain-2.db"
15. Reboot or respring your iPhone
16. Log back into your regular Game Center account
17. Go back into Clash, there should be a message about overwriting the village. Click OK and type CONFIRM. 

There. Now, whenever you want to switch accounts, simply log onto the account in Game Center, go to Clash, and type CONFIRM where it says to. Even though the message says that your account will be deleted, it actually won't. Trust me. 

If you're planning to manage a ton of accounts (more than 3, like me), I would recommend downloading Genymotion. It's an Android emulator, and you can easily create a ton of new Android phones and load Clash onto each and every one of them. I'm using it to keep track of my accounts, and to play on my computer (bigger resolution). If the game crashes every so often, try increasing the Virtual Memory in Genymotion's settings. If you need/want details on this (I doubt lots of people will...), then post a comment. 

I don't know if this will help anyone, but if it does, please, leave a comment! I know it's cheesy, but I really want to know whether this information helped you. 

Happy Hacking!

Thursday, August 23, 2012



Haven't posted in 2 years.

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This isn't going well.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First day at summer camp

Today was the first day at a summer school called Summer Wonders at the Center for Gifted. Personally, I wouldn't say that I was gifted, but still, tons of other people (including Mom) insist that I am. I had three classes at Summer Wonders: Medieval Times, Robotics, and Airplanes. My overall favorite was the Robotics class. It featured Lego Mindstorms (sorry if link doesn't work, is apparently only working on the first few pages), and the first day was just about a fun "work with your group and play with the parts" thing. Supposedly during this first "try and learn" session, you would quench your curiosity and try building stuff. Turns out only my group was able to create a moving vehicle, and I came up with the design. I took Medieval Times just because it was the only open class. It turned out to be pretty good. We started off Medieval Times with a lesson (yes, lesson, its a summer school, not summer camp) about the levels of royalty. You know, with the kings and bards and bishops and princes and princesses and such. Then with the airplanes, we were just told to bring in two 2-liter bottles (you know, the ones that hold a lot of Coke (sorry all you pepsi fans) fizzy drinks). After that, we just played with some toy rockets. The day wasn't a fun day, but if I were to give it a rating, it wasn't so bad either. I guess this day deserves a 2.5 out of 5 then.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Another day, another morning.

Today is the 5th of July. Sadly, the village fireworks for Independence Day here are scheduled for the 5th, rather than the forth. I think the reason they did that is because the forecast said it was going to rain on the forth(but it didn't). On the topic of fireworks, I researched a little on Wikipedia about what fireworks are and how they're made. Wikipedia has it a bit more specific, though, and the main article on exactly what they're made of is in Pyrotechnic Composition (my what a big word!). Turns out that there is no wizardry or magic involved. All there is is just a tube filled with random chemical stuff such as Cyclotetramethylene Tetranitramine (don't expect me to know that chemistry mumbo-jumbo, I don't). Today, I'm looking forward to a crowded field with lots of tents and inflatable beds, heavily inflated prices on snacks and water, red-white-and blue, and most of all, the fireworks Illinois has to offer in the midst of an economic disaster. My hopes aren't really high on that last one.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

My first post!

Well, this is my first post. For the record, I have no clue whatsoever about starting a blog. Really, I only made this because I needed something to do during the summer. Let me start by telling a little about myself. I am interested in technology, physics, and that sorta stuff. Usually, when something new comes up, like that sweet Ipad ($499: what a ripoff) or induction chargers (smart, but not energy-worthy), I speculate upon what becomes of it and what the future might hold. Of course, these ideas are really improbable, sometimes impossible, but I always like to think. I will try to post every now and then, but don't expect me to go off regularly like this is a newspaper or something. As a wrap-up, I would like to say that this is just informal writing. It's not like I'm going to run to the patent office to file a patent or anything. It's just me, my mind, and my run-away imagination.

EDIT: Forgot: Happy Forth of July! (by the way, I live in America)

EDIT2: Some grammer...