Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh well

I didn't use this blog at all. Oh well. Depreciated before being appreciated. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

It's been a while...

Since I'm now in high school, I'm thinking of resurrecting this blog. Haven't posted on it in a LONG time!

Here's a tip that I figured out by myself for the iOS game Clash of Clans. 
Lots of people say that in order to reset your game, or to create an alternate account, you need to factory reset your iDevice. I've looked everywhere on the Internet, and everyone says that to reset Clash, you need to factory reset. To make an alternate Clash account, you need to factory reset...

I figured out that the data that Clash stores persisted after it was uninstalled because it was on the Keychain. By renaming the keychain in iFunBox (a free program), I was able to make a new Clash account on a separate Game Center account, and now I can run both simultaneously on one iPhone, switching between the two without need of a computer. Here's how I did it.

NOTE: This requires a jailbreak in order for iFunbox to view the /var folder. 

1. I downloaded iFunbox and installed it. It's free. 
2. I connected my iPhone to iFunbox. 
3. After installing it, click the iFunbox Classic tab on the top left of the window. 
4. Under Connected Devices, there should be your device. Near the bottom, click on Raw File System. 
5. To the right of the document tree, double-click on the folder called "var"
6. Double-click "Keychains"
7. Re-name the "keychain-2.db" to something like "keychain-2.db.backup"
8. Go over to your iPhone and turn it off and on again. Respringing it also works. 
9. Go to the Game Center app, log off of your current Game Center, and create a new one. Remember the password. 
10. Go over to Clash (you don't need to re-install!) and boot up the game. If all goes well, it should go to the tutorial. 
11. Complete the tutorial, and then close and quit Clash from the quickswitch bar
12. Go back to iFunbox and hit Refresh on the top menu bar
13. Delete the new "keychain-2.db"
14. Rename what you named back in step 7 to "keychain-2.db"
15. Reboot or respring your iPhone
16. Log back into your regular Game Center account
17. Go back into Clash, there should be a message about overwriting the village. Click OK and type CONFIRM. 

There. Now, whenever you want to switch accounts, simply log onto the account in Game Center, go to Clash, and type CONFIRM where it says to. Even though the message says that your account will be deleted, it actually won't. Trust me. 

If you're planning to manage a ton of accounts (more than 3, like me), I would recommend downloading Genymotion. It's an Android emulator, and you can easily create a ton of new Android phones and load Clash onto each and every one of them. I'm using it to keep track of my accounts, and to play on my computer (bigger resolution). If the game crashes every so often, try increasing the Virtual Memory in Genymotion's settings. If you need/want details on this (I doubt lots of people will...), then post a comment. 

I don't know if this will help anyone, but if it does, please, leave a comment! I know it's cheesy, but I really want to know whether this information helped you. 

Happy Hacking!